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Established in 2012 in Bangalore, Akshayoga is a complete Yoga Centre offering various programs which give amble emphasis on the overall fitness of the human body and their mental health. Envisioned by Yoga Teacher, Akshay Pawar, we have been offering Yoga Classes catering to sections of lives such as Group classes, Corporate Classes, Private Classes and other Yoga related classes.

We have our programs spread across various sections and multitudes Yoga principles. Our core programs includes Weight loss through Yoga, Meditation, Balancing, Flexibility Program, Strength Training, Pranayam, Daily Yoga, Asanas and Understanding about Yoga (lectures).

With prominent corporate, industrialists, businessmen as clients, we, Akshayoga is one of the most recognized Yoga training centers in Bangalore. With a pan Indian expansion in the pipeline, we desire to one the most preferred Yoga Training centers in India where we change the lives of people.

About Teacher

Akshay Pawar was born in a small village near Meerut City. Just like any other kid in the village, Akshay also had a regular daily routine which involves home, playground and school. One of those days, his life was about to change forever. A teacher saw him walking around in his village and asked him to join his school.

The teacher understanding his potential went all the way to his parents and took the permission to enroll Akshay in his school. The turning point for Akshay was this school and the teacher. Along with the subjects, he taught him Yoga. Akshay was very involved in the Yoga classes and started learning it quickly.

After graduation, Akshay came to Bangalore and learned Yoga and took it as a profession. In 2012, he started taking Yoga classes in Bangalore. Since the inception of his own Yoga classes, Akshay has grown in reputation and has worked with various corporate, businessmen, industrialists and people from various sections of society.

He was lending his expertise and teaching Yoga as a private teacher and now he has found his own Yoga Training Company, Akshayoga.

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